Your pets will be happy and have less stress.  They are able to maintain their daily diet and exercise routines.  They will also receive personal attention.

Convenience of care in your own home.
Peace of mind that your pets and your home are being checked daily.

No need to feel you are inconveniencing friends/family/neighbors by asking them to care for your pets.

We are Bonded & Insured which provides you with additional peace of mind. 

Why hire a professional pet sitter?

Animals have always been a huge part of Kelly's life and she fully believes that they are part of the family, and deserve the best care possible. In July of 2004, Kelly began working at a local animal hospital and, soon after, was being asked by clients of the hospital if she would be able to take care of their pets at their homes. It started off as a small, part time gig but she could see the potential. While friends or family may have good intentions when they offer to care for your pets, they end up finding it difficult to juggle with their own jobs/kids/personal lives, etc. Kelly wanted to be the person that could be depended on to take care of the pets, as well as keep an eye on things at the house while the clients are away. 

There were many times Kelly found herself wishing that she could establish a full time, professional pet sitting business. For many years, that was all it was - a wish. But business continued to grow. In October 2013, Kelly finally took that leap and left the animal hospital to pursue her dream. Now that she is a full time pet sitter, she is able to provide greater availability and flexibility in her schedule.

With over 9 years of experience working at the animal hospital, Kelly is familiar with many pet related illnesses, injuries and treatments and will notify her clients immediately if she feels their pet requires medical attention. Kelly takes pride in being extremely responsible, reliable and detail-oriented. She feels that pets are happiest, and have less stress, in their own home. They are able to continue their daily routine, are surrounded by familiar sights and sounds, and will have their own food, toys and bedding. For households with more than 1 pet, they are able to stay together and keep each other company.

How did Comfy Critters get started?

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